TrackHead deep diving test

The TrackHead was tested in extreme conditions. It was submerged for more than 1 hour at a depth of 8 meters, see the entire recording in the following video.

Latest Article about TrackHead

Read the document at

New initialization video

Teší nás možnosť spolupráce s Tomášom Višnovským - profíkom MTB 5x majstrom Slovenska. Pozrite si nasledujúce video čo Tomáš hovorí o TrackHeade .

New initialization video

Check the new TrackHead initialization video manual. TrackHead Initialization without SD card, new case, battery and new SIM card holder.

New Comunity page TrackHead

Hi all,

as we receive questions about space for discussions  regarding TrackHead device, we decided to create for you New TrackHead Community forum. Here you can post your ideas, questions, experience etc. regarding TrackHead device and its use.

TrackHead Community forum link:

Hopefully it will be helpful and you will enjoy it :)

Have a nice day

Your JER TrackHead Team :)

Remote firmware update

TrackHead - easy/automatic remote firmware update - the user can check or enter a request for remote firmware update in TrackHead, he also can see the whole process, it takes about 1-2 minutes only.

SIM Fuse improved

SIM Fuse locking wire was replaced with simple small plastic, that is more comfortable for installing sim card and battery

Waterproof development

After month of hard work, we have improved TrackHead design for better waterproof properties, on this viedeo you can see device limits test. Tracker was - dived in 70cm depth for 5 hours. Functionality was indicated by LED. Finally, a CALL notification under water was tested. ATTENTION: Test of device limits it is not covered by warranty! Do not try this.

Anodized black case

New coating by anodized aluminium process

The new surface treatment of the case brings TrackHead powerful properties, such as strength, abrasion resistance and a new luxurious design

JER Connect

Short screen cast of JER Connect

Screen cast presents som features , like a simple initialization and configuration wizard without need to reading paper user manual, STRAVA activity uploads, and device power configuration enhancement

TrackHead in carbon bike Chapter2

TrackHead can be installed easily on carbon road bike forks with realy thiny inner diameter.

TrackHead black style PCBs

TrackHead new PCBs with black visual design and a few technical design improvements.


Firmware/App software significant improvements

More important update of App & Firmware * New localization via GSM stations * New Interaactive wizard manual * New initialization without SD card * New power profile manager * New work modes * Decreased energy consumption * Longer online device time * More small improvements and App improvements * New SMS Command & info * New flexible cap & USB protective cover more on:

Star nut extender

TrackHead improvements - star nut extender system for headset adjustment.

Enduro Slovak championship

JER supports of slovak enduro championship with TrackHead device.

Linked to STRAVA 

Strava account link/activity uploads

STRAVA linked account is usefull to uploads user activities very simple. JER Connect supports more options to uploads activities with minimal user interaction or fully automatics upload process. STRAVA developpers officialy added TrackHead and JER Connect App to record-sync page:

STRAVA automatic activity upload test

Real test TrackHead like Trecker device and STRAVA linked account automatic activity upload on Enduro competition.

JER dress

New brand JER dresses TrackHead.

Anti theft - real simulation

Real test of Bike GPS tracker TrackHead like anti theft device and tracing the offender

Story promo video

New technological BRAND JER created in 2020 brings to the market powerful, autonomous GPS tracking , anti theft device for every bike, e-bike, motor-bike, vehicle, assets or others. Company provides tracking services and support for diesel measurement and Truck telemetry from 2011. After 10 years of hard work and experience in development tracking software platform , registering patent for liquid level sensors, building multiple versions of GPS telematics units, we decided to develop unique product - TrackHead.

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