Installation and compatibility


Yes, mostly is is compatible with all bikes. If you have a carbon bike and order TrackHead, please contact us to inform us. Then, we will send you with the order TrackHead with expander that will be possible to be installed in your bike. For dimensions please check our Service pages.
Secondary variant of fiting

Extender is a tool that helps you to adjust your head set. Provides alternative method to star-nut,  for pre-

loading head set. 

Expander is a tool that is used to install and fit TrackHead for carbon bikes from the top as carbon bikes do not have hole from the bottom. Therefore, TrackHead in this one case has to be installed from top.
Secondary variant of fiting

Yes, of course. Usually, if your head set is set correctly, you can use Trackhead without Star nut extender is used just when you need to adjust head set. If your head set is correctly adjusted and you do not need to readjust it from time to time, then, you do not need to order star nut extender.

No, any pre-loading mechanizm is not necessary driving functionality. Star nut, expander plug, or other tool for pre-loading head set is used only in servicing time with head set adjustment. After adjustment with pre-loading tool,  stem is tightened, then pre-loading tool can be unmounted and is not necessary to be installed on bike permanently.

No , it is not normal. After adjustment, head-set has to be ready to driving without any “time to time re-adjustment”. This phenomenon usually happens if something is wrong with the headset system and its part. Please check bearing placement, washers, flanges, and if everything is compatible with frame and fork and among  headset parts themselves.

Star Nut extender is optional, it does not come automatically in the box.  You can choose in our shop if you want to order star nut extender. TrackHead is tightened from the  bottom screw. It holds good it is very similar solution like expander plug. If you need to adjust ahead-set, star nut extender helps. 

If you purchase star nut extender, please email us with the following information :

1. Length of steerer tube for screw correction.
2. Diameter of bottom hole. standard is 34mm, 24mm.

Star nut extender is not being used neither for TrackHead installation, nor to it’s fit. It is just  an additional tool- option for adjustment mechanism of head-set. It can be used just to set the head-set and after it is set, the tool has to be removed. If you do not need to adjust head-set, you can install TrackHead independently. Short video manual how to install TrackHead:

No. Extender pre-loading method can be used with standard fitting mechanism only. For pre-loading head set on carbon – road bikes, is needed to use expander plug

Adjustment means when the bolts on the stem are untightened, you need mechanism to compress head set bearings. If bearings is compressed (adjusted headset) with default star nut , then stem has to be tightened. After that star nut does not have  mechanical function , but it is like cover of top head tube only.

If you install TrackHead , you need to remove default star-nut. Star nut extender is longer bolt and it provides compressing mechanism for adjustment. This function also can provide headset compression plug component, or long bolt with top and bottom washers.



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