Initialization FAQ

TrackHead initialization is 

  1. Preparing SIM card
    1. Test necessary SIM card services (data,sms,calls,clip)
    2. Removing PIN code 
  2. Installing your SIM card manually into SIM slot inside TrackHead 
  3. Installing JER Connect App on your smartphone and register account.
  4. Add TrackHead to account and send initialization from JER Connect

As TrackHead was made for you to be independent and usable around the world, you choose and manage your SIM card in your country according to your preferences.

Yes, it is necessary to set correct APN in JER-Connect wizard.

TrackHead is available through the internet in any place in the world because it is stand-alone connected through the GSM network to the internet or it can be managed by SMS messages; therefore, it is necessary to insert functional SIM card.



LED indication

Reason for stagnant phase


Boot, SIM card is not ready

3x flashes with 3-second intervals

1. PIN is not deactived

2. SIM card is destructed

3. the contacts of the connector are closed, or the contact surfaces do not touch


Searching GSM network

2x flashes with second intervals

1. SIM card operator signal is not in coverage

2. Operator restrict sim card registration for other reason


Connected to GSM, connecting to the server

1x flash with 3-second intervals

1. APN is not set correctly

2. signal for internet connection is not  the signal sufficient

3. operator fees are not paid


Successfull connection to the server

1x flash with 8-second intervals


For correct functionality, SIM card have to supports:

  1. Data – 90% of TrackHead functions
  2. SMS – is necessary for SMS commands and replies processing
  3. CALLs – is necessary for call notifications – is fastest alert method  

Before initialization is needed to disable SIM PIN code.

If you want to be sure, that TrackHead is initialized properly, TrackHead should send confirmation SMS with APN, you have entered in initialization form. TrackHead must be turned on and registered in the GSM network.

If confirmation SMS is not received anyway, please check SMS services on your sim card, you can also use another way – initialization manually by SD card file.

Yes it can be initialized by SD card file,

You need create file named “config.ini”, then edit content:





TRUST1:”change to your number”


Every country, that is GSM network coverage, for more information you can verify on page:  select your country, on map select GSM fitler then check all providers.

Yes, TrackHead is available in USA with T-Mobile operator, please check GSM coverage  select country: USA, operator: T-Mobile, on map select GSM fitler then check coverage.

you need set APN: “”


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