GPS Bike Tracker & Anti theft 

1.5 Year 

Extremely low stand-by power consumption - 25uA can safe you bike long as 1.5Year per one charge 


No fees for powerfull app in future ever

7 sec

Call, SMS , PUSH notification in 7 seconds 

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New technological BRAND JER created in 2020 brings to the market powerful, autonomous GPS tracking , anti theft device for every bike, e-bike, motor-bike, vehicle, assets or others. Company provides tracking services and support for diesel measurement and Truck telemetry from 2011. After 10 years of hard work and experience in development tracking software platform , registering patent for liquid level sensors, building multiple versions of GPS telematics units, we decided to develop unique product - TrackHead.

TrackHead device

Modern Anti Theft GPS device offers you not only position tracking, but also security by beeper local alarm, that immediately scares off the thief. When moving the bike, you will immediately receive an SMS, an internet notification, or TrackHead calls you within 7 seconds to the phone number you provided. The advantage is the long battery life for one charge and application completely free of charge in every smartphone. In stand-by mode, it can protect your bike for more than 1.5 years. With the intuitive JER Connect application, you have perfect control over your bike, where you have information from the device's sensors every 5 seconds. Historical data is not lost, the app stores all information on a secure cloud. Moreover, it offers a large number of functions and detailed settings. You can even immediately see the position of your bike in 3D, so you can verify if the bike is standing untouched. TrackHead is compatible with any modern MTB bicycle, road carbon bike, or electric bike


  • Stand-by power consumption near 0 with active movement sensing
  • Application with completly free services
  • Local sound beep alarm
  • Anti theft fast notification - 7sec
  • Strava connected services with high precision 1s tracking
  • Compatibile with all forks, also carbon tubes
  • Waterproof design
  • Small compact design of PCB and aluminium case
  • Unique fitting system with protection to unscrew 
  • Raining water proof & anticorosion matterials
  •  Works also without internet - SMS only mode
  •  Local data storage on SD card
  •  Internal temperature sensor
  •  Accelerometer 3D sensor
  •  Battery voltage sensor
  • Simple registration with social networks
  • Data history with fast access
  • Map trajectory visualisation
  • Detailed device configuration
  • Detailed device configuration
  •  5 fully customisable battery profiles
  • 3D bicycle position-angle viewer
  • Anti theft controls - locking, beeper
  • Anti theft controls - stand-by mode set remotely
  • Tracking controls - set position interval from 5 sec
  • Tracking controls - set data save interval from 1 sec
  • Notification - CALL, SMS or internet PUSH notification
  • One application WEB, ANDROID, iOS support
  • Simple online firmware update from app
  • GPX data export
  • Support for STRAVA account connection
  • STRAVA - automatic activity upload
  • STRAVA - selected time interval  activity upload
  • STRAVA - selected time interval  activity upload
  • Upper diameter: 24 mm or 23 mm
  • Lower diameter: 21.3 mm
  •  Head diameter: 34 mm
  • Length: 145 mm
  • Weight: 117 g
  • Case: AL tube
  • Battery: 3350 mAh / 3.6V
  • Consumption in stand by mode (active sensor): 25 uA
  • Consumption in disabled mode  15 uA
  • Consumption in idle mode: 10-50 mA
  • Consumption in burst data operation: 100-250 mA
  • Charger: 1 A / 5 V DC
  • Locked position changed
  • Locking activation
  • Unlocking activation
  • Low battery
  • Critical battery
  • Charger attached
  •  Charging started
  •  Fully charged battery
  •  Charger released

Strava support

JER Connect application supports fully integrated  STRAVA connection account. You can use two main STRAVA connected features. One click manual export  time selected data interval, or you can use fully automatic export to strava activity without any interaction. For enthusiasts measuring and comparing segments, TrackHead can record every single second to achieve high measurement accuracy  with unique benefit, its online - position is able to be viewed anywhere in the world. 


Device initializtion manual
TrackHead JER-Connect App
Compatible with newset forks on the market
Strava activity upload test
Bike anti theft test

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Our team

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Radoslav Jízdný

Inventor, head of development

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Eva Jízdná

Management, prototypying

Ondrej Haško

Electro engineer

Ludovít Hiľovský

Coding, web development 

Čermeľská 33, Košice
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