TrackHead – More than just GPS security

Multifunctional GPS Device

If you are looking for a reliable GPS security and tracker, you should pay attention. Competition can just envy this multifunction device with high performance and functions that is now available on the market. TrackHead is an effective GPS locator and electronic security system, which hides quantity of features, all without additional charges.

Great availability

TrackHead device can be purchased conveniently directly in the e-shop at a great price. You will need just a SIM card, the price of which can range from €4/per 16 months for 400MB of data. Data consumption can vary depending on your preferences, settings and data volume needed for tracking of each ride or movement. In comparison with other similar pruducts, TrackHead has a completely free application and services with no additional fees what gives him a huge advantage.

Great availability

After removing the 4 screws and opening the protective case, you can get to the control unit itself and the battery. You will definitely appreciate the water resistance of the device thanks to the sealing design, so you don’t have to worry about water, rain and extreme weather. After removing the control unit, you can easily install the SIM card. Battery has 3450mAh for maximum device life. After successfull installation of the SIM card, you can put the control unit and battery back into the protective case. Device is compatible with all bikes that use head assembly system AHEAD SET and it even offers a mounting system for modern gravel and road bikes with a carbon fork. The fastening uses a unique system – an expanding mechanism using a nut from below, so it is not possible to simply dismantle the device. In addition, TrackHead has not only excellent processing of the construction, but also great technical features. The manufacturer paid special attention to the optimization of the antennas, thanks to which the GPS search reaches an extremely high speed and finds the signal without problems even in built-up areas. The GSM signal is also well tuned. Moreover, the TrackHead uses approximate location detection using the operator’s network, while this location is immediately functional even indoors.

Simple and innovative application- JER Connect

You can very easily get to the application -after opening the box, you will immediately find QR codes with a link to Google Play or App Store. The biggest advantage of this full of features tuned app is clear – NO FEES. You don’t have to pay anything extra, unlike other GPS devices, where the total price increases over time.

In addition, application works not only on iPhones and Androids, but also on any web browser. You can log in very easily and intuitively via social networks or using the registration form. To go through the initial setup there will help you an interactive guide directly in the application or technical manuals. With full of features application you will realize that it is more than just a GPS tracker. Online tracking has on option of saving position with a fixed interval starting from 1 second, and when signal is lost and then found, the route is automatically synchronized with the cloud. Setting the tracking interval is even possible from 6 seconds! History storage on the cloud is free and unlimited. You can also see a list of all sensors and values, bike’s 3D position and graphs of the values in the application. Within the configuration option, you can set desired intervals for position tracking, different performance profiles, and you can choose from different options for sending notifications.

Express security notification

You can configure notifications for movement, bicycle deflection, battery status, or several other types of events, in the form of an SMS message, call, or PUSH notification that will arrive within 7 seconds. A local sound alarm is obviously included. Notifications via SMS, calls and commands in the form of SMS are independent of the Internet, so the device can be used even without an Internet connection and without a smartphone. As it was mentioned earlier, one of the great advantages of the TrackHead device is an extremely powerful battery that can track the movement of your bike up to 1.5 years on a single charge. In addition, the device has predefined profiles and intuitive dynamic change of features depending on the battery state so that the device lasts as long as possible. You can configure these features in maximum detail directly from the app, which is a unique feature compared to its competition.

Slovak manufacturer with years of experience

Behind the TrackHead product is a Slovak company from Košice. It has been engaged in monitoring in the field of truck transport for more than 10 years, thanks to which they have rich experience with tracking. Since 2020, they have also been working on smart technologies and decided to turn their experience into a GPS tracker and bicycle security. The main idea of JER brand is to provide quality, affordable price and effective use of products in practice.

Why TrackHead?

TrackHead is currently one of the best on the market and it is hard to find its competition. With its affordable price and application without fees, it is an unique device for bikers who can secure their bike for up to 1.5 years on a single charge in several ways, including online location tracking, local alarm and quick notifications. However, in addition to security itself, this multifunctional device hides a number of other functions, such as activity monitoring or connection to a STRAVA account, etc. Last but not least, the product is produced by a Slovak manufacturer that provides prompt warranty and post-warranty service and full support to its community.