TrackHead – GPS Tracker for bike monthly free

TrackHead – GPS Tracker for bike monthly free

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GPS bike tracker TrackHead

GPS Tracker TrackHead for bike, e-bike, vehicle. JER Connect App No subscription, no monthly fee. Up to 7 seconds Call, SMS, Push notification. Guarantee that battery life 1.5 Year per one charge. Full custom configuration. Contains extended features

  • Alarm
  • Waterproof design
  • 3D projection
  • STRAVA measurement functions
  • 5 second refresh interval
  • …. more others
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GPS bike tracker TrackHead


Bike track & bike lock

TrackHead GPS Tracker that may be your best chance of finding your stolen bike , Lock and Track your bike with NO subscription FEES – TrackHead. Modern Anti Theft GPS bike tracker offers you not only position tracking, but also security. It can even be used for measurement of your segments with additional feature of STRAVA linked accounts.

FREE cloud services with phone app

When moving the bike, you will immediately receive an SMS, internet notification, or TrackHead bike tracker calls you within 7 seconds to the phone number you provided. The HUGE advantage is the Extremely low battery consumption- for 1 charge. In stand-by mode, the best GPS bike tracker TrackHead can protect your bike for more than 1.5 year. JER Connect App is completely free of charge in every smartphone.

COMPATIBLE  with MTB, road, e-bikes

TrackHead bike tracker is compatible with any modern MTB bike, road carbon bike, or electric bike.

With the intuitive JER Connect phone App that provides free tracking services, you have perfect control over your bike, where you have information from the device’s sensors every 5 seconds. Historical data is not lost, the app stores all information on a secure cloud. Moreover, GPS tracker offers a large number of functions and detailed settings. You can even immediately see how you bike is standing with the special feature 3D POSITION, so you can verify if the bike is standing untouched or lies on the ground.

Check also our TrackHead Service page.

JER Connect Application

– Online real-time object monitoring:

exact location – latitude, longitude, altitude and speed of the device

lock status, battery status (mV), GSM / GPS signal states, device temperatures

object condition (standing / moving)

clear graphs of the above-described quantities in the complete history of the use of the device

– Offline monitoring via SMS

– Configuration option:

different sleep modes / battery performance scaling

immediate refresh rate setting(refresh and recenter location)

lock / unlock the device

possibility to set a trusted number for device control and configuration

– Sending events about movement, low battery, start of charging, end of charging, connectivity, exceeding the dangerous temperature


There are NO additional future charges associated with using the TrackHead service. The service is FREE. TrackHead can be used anywhere in the world, as it is not limited to the capabilities of the built-in sim card. The customer manages the sim card himself and the fees associated with it.

* See the recommended data volume section for SIM.

If the sim card does not have the internet activated or the internet connection is not working, TrackHead can easily communicate without an internet connection, via sms. In case of unauthorized movement with the bicycle, it can easily send an SMS message to the owner.

Data volume recommended for SIM Card

The amount of data transferred depends on how the locator is used and the interval at which the data frame is sent.

Indicative values:

One data frame sent contains approximately 50 bytes.

For 1 hour of use with a maximum frequency of sent data 6s: 1Hod (30Kb), 6Hod (180Kb).

The charging interval for mobile operators is 1KB by default.

Average data volume needed for 1 year of standard usage is approximately 300MB/ 1year.

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